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Questions related to VPN usage for wizard101

Jan 12, 2020
Hello, I have a few questions/concerns relating to using VPNs while playing or logging in Wizard101. I'm not sure if I could have messaged the support team and asked them about this, but I came to a conclusion that posting on here might be better to hear other player's thoughts regarding the topic.

First off, no where in the Terms of Service has any statement saying VPN's are not allowed, but indirectly you can get banned for using this software under the allegation of "Account sharing." I personally think this is absolutely wrong, for me I use VPN's for other games I play to get better connection and improve my frame rates, as many others do. I do see KI's point of view seeing a certain player logging in on different IP addresses and think they are account sharing, but in a case of someone moving houses or changing IP providers, how could they tell the difference? Would you message support in advance stating you are moving, etc? I just can't see how they can inflict permanent bans on players based on one piece of evidence (IP Address).

Please comment down below, let me know your thoughts and personal experiences if you've had them.