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Questions for the game producers

Mar 01, 2009
Hi Everyone,

I have a few questions for KI. Here they are.

Question #1. I just beat Malistare and am near finishing Grizzleheim and I was wondering when can I expect to see a new main story line world.

Question #2. Will I be seeing new spells for each school?

Question #3. Will I be seeing new school/schools?

Thank you for your time and great job making this game.

Blaze Windbreaker lvl 47 Death Wizard

Mar 01, 2009
Jasmine PixieBlossom here and I have some questions. 1. i asked friends if they would help me in tomb of storms they did but i entered one battle in the last turn.I had battled but I didnt finish the quest. why did that happen?
2.will i be expecting new fire spells soon? 3.what is the last krokotopia quest?I ask because my friend who is a lower level then me and is already in marlybone :( Well i guess that is all right now. Bye! Jasmine PixieBlossom level 29

Dec 22, 2008
May 19, 2009
well you dont have to worry about a new story line for now, as i can see from your level and your statement of how you beat malistare, it seems you skipped quite a few side quests. so you can always go back and do them if you get bored, instead of waiting for a new world to come out