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questions for all mods

May 12, 2009
hello dalia falmia,headmaster ambrose, cyrus drake, lydia greyrose alhzahaldrad, or whatever your name is and the other balance teacher, malorn ashthorn ,morgen and of course my favorite the big cute little cow molinda oh and gamma wue hello hello hello i have some questions

1. dalie falmia does your hair still wiggle like that when your asleep?

2. ambrose i know you have some kind of secret spell i can sense it in my bones. what is it?

3.cyrus why dont you take a vacation? that might make you less crabby .

4.alzahaldrad or whatever you name is do you have a family?

5. that dog guy how did you get interested in magic when in marleybone i have never ever heard about it

6.malorn why were you one of the best students

7.morgon i know isnt a question but i had to mention it why havent you got out of the school in about 5 years since malistere plunged it into nightside

8. could you teach me to summon a unicorn im sick and tired of crying for hours on end when a storm blows some baby eggs out of their nest and i see them when they are spattered against the rocks sniff sniff sniff sniff

9.lydia greyrose are you related to the sprites in lady orials garden distantly

10.and gamma could you pleeeeeeeeeeese teach me about the spriral

thank you if you answered my questions my courioscity is killing me

loyal wizard and dragon knight to headmaster ambrose wyatt level 30 balance and life wizard signing off

will somebody please answer?