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Question From a Newb About Crowns v. Subscription

Jan 21, 2009
Hello everybody, and thanks for taking the time to read/answer.

I've recently subscribed to Wizard 101 after having quite a bit of straight-up fun in the trial, and am now running into vendors that sell stuff that I need crowns to buy. My initial impression of the purchase system in this game was that I could subscribe to access the whole game or I could go the way of micro-transactions to unlock whichever zones I liked. Now, after running into so many cool-looking items that I could purchase only with crowns, I have a few questions:

a. Are these items that I'm finding on vendors that can be bought with crowns available as obtainable items within the game without crowns (with merchants then being a way to get them faster), or do I have to buy crowns to even get them at all?

b. IFF these things are only obtainable through crowns, do I as a subscriber get a monthly allotment of crowns to spend?

While I would be disappointed if I needed to both microtransaction AND subscribe to fully experience this game, I would by no means quit it - I'm just wondering about this, and will have a fun time either way (though perhaps without some rather cooler-looking items).

Thanks again!


Welcome to Ravenwood young Wizard!

Items that can be purchased with Crowns can also be found on creatures.

The only service that subscribers need to purchase Crowns for, is selling back of your Training points.

We are looking into additional ways that subscribers can Earn Crowns, above and beyond our Invite-a-Friend program. To learn more about that - log in to Wizard101 and click the words "Earn Crowns" under your name.

See you in Wizard City!

Dec 11, 2008
I am extremely upset that the crown items have been removed from stores. I'm a subscriber, so you're getting my money every month and now you want more money from me to get the good gear or for me to spend extra hours of doing the same fight over and over in hopes of getting a drop? How is that fun for me? I don't mind the new stuff in the game, the harder bosses, etc... but taking the items out of the stores is just plain greed on KIs part.

Every time someone asked about "limited items" in the stores, the response was always "Oh don't worry, we will give you plenty of notification before items are removed". That was a blatant lie as I saw no notification that the items would be removed.

The perks of being a subribers have pretty much all been completely wiped away.

We can use the test realm and do KIs work for them. how is that a perk? We don't get anything for helping.

We can free PVP - only a perk if you like PVP. A lot of people don't.

If you have a Credit Card on file, you can chat more openly to other people who also have one on file. But to anyone else you talk to you still have to find a way to communicate what you want to say otherwise, all they will see is "...".

Jan 21, 2009