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question for game about waterworks

May 31, 2009
I have 4 wizards on two accounts and all four have been into waterworks many, many times. I have noticed that with each visit they make that they only get drops of level 60 gear that is for their school. My storm wizard never gets a Life hat drop and vise Versa.
Is waterworks set where you only get level 60 gear drop for that wizards school? I am asking so I will not send my Storm wizard into waterworks to try and win a Ice robe or other school drop. If you have answered this question in the past I am sorry to repeat it, but I just wanted to know.

Mar 07, 2011
Whatever school of wizard you have in the waterworks dungeon is the school gear you will get from the Boss drops. So Storm Wiz is always going to get storm gear.

Jun 08, 2010
In waterworks you only get the gear of your school... for example, a storm wizard will only get storm gear and ice wizards only get ice gear.

Jul 28, 2011
Yes, it is only for your school. If it wasn't, we would never get the right gear

May 31, 2009
Jul 03, 2010
I have done WW too many times on 2 wizards long ago. We had 3 accounts total but I only did maybe 20 runs before I gave it up, to stressful for a chance to get for me. I like sure things in the game. My main wizard (Life) earned though Seal of the Seven Seas Crafting quest and I started to craft all the Wintertusk gear for all the schools on my main account, I repeated the crafting quests on a Death wizard on second account, I can swap the TC needed for the Life gear to that wizard.

I was mid Zafaria on the Life wizard when I found out about the WT gear and I did make the helmet but she went though Zafaria with her lvl 58 gear and I soloed much of it. She still wears the WT helmet for the extra blade and WW robe into Aztecia. I ended up with 2 hoods, 2 boots and finally by the end of Zafaria got the robe to do Mirror Lake with. Two runs though WW people left or we scrapped it. Many times I got nothing it was no fun blocking out all that time for nothing a total waste of game play time for me.

My Death wizard ended up with the hood and robe quite quickly and really didn't need the crafted boots by then and after that I really started to compare stats. I felt for me the WT gear would work fine. I found not all sets are needed, some wizards are sans the boots but you can equip this gear at level 56 so for me that is a plus over waiting another 4 levels or more for WW gear especially since you can do Wintertusk at an earlier level.

It used to be a "status" to earn this gear though farming that dungeon repeatedly but now "not so much", I actually felt stupid for not getting the gear and going back for more tries. I think it should be given to your wizard at level 60 so all wizards have a fighting chance to complete at least some more of the game, as opposed to those who just have to give up at a certain point because of lack of better gear. It would also give us incentive to continue on.