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Question Concerning the Astral Magics

Dec 14, 2008
WARNING: Content Below Contains Physics!
If you don't feel like a brain excercise, read the last paragraph.

Basic Physics:
I question the legitimacy of the co-existence of the Sun and Star schools of magic as they are both in essence the same. According to the results of theoretical physicists, Sun and Star magic should be the same exact thing due to the only difference being is that suns are generally referred to as stars that create solar systems around themselves and stars are generally just stars located in the blackness of space. To simply state they are different simply because we rely on the sun more is an invalid argument in that they are different simply because if I have a bottle of water two feet from me and a bottle of water two million feet in front of me, the fact that I would rely on the bottle of water two feet in front of me to survive more than the one two million feet in front of me does not make the dissimilar.

Intermediate Physics:
Also experimentally speaking, Sun/Star magic should be focused on the core principles of the manipulation of time and space (assuming that in the end the theory of general relativity prevails over the m-theory or anything else until the theory of everything is found) where the density of mass is directly relevant to not only the gravitational force, but to the very bending of time and space itself (albeit minutes of time being slowed down compared to the billionths of a second Earth's own gravity slows down).

Advanced Physics:
And finally, assuming wizards have the ability to use the power of celestial bodies, we are insinuating that we are also able to manipulate the micro-wormholes (micro being used generally as they are exponentially smaller), due to the imperfections in space itself, and therefore directly influence time since we are theoretically able to do the same on a much larger scale, or perhaps we were never able to do it on a larger scale all along but indeed on this micro-scale. Either way, with the ability to control and fluxuate micro-wormholes we both theoretically and experimentally claim that we should master the power of teleportation itself (granted that even the lowliest of wizards already have a fundamental grasp on teleportation). With the power of teleportation comes a whole new possibility of mechanics that we can interwine within the current game, but perhaps I shall leave this as an open-minded thought for individuals to process and report on it.

Simply to Recap, Suggest, and Explain:
1. Sun & Star magic are the same and herefore they shall be unified under Star magic.
2. Star magic should focus on the powers of teleportation (which is gained through the control of space and time).
3. I do not mind the Lunar magics as I am perfectly fine with the transformation spells they teach (note that Werewolves are a prime example of Lunar magic).
4. Merle Ambrose could have saved years of his life studying if he simply ever read a grade school physics book.
5. The more density an object has, the higher the gravity and the faster it speeds up time (which slows down time on itself).
6. The faster you travel through space the faster you travel through time (which slows down time on yourself).
7. A wormhole is simply a wrinkle in space which makes a "gateway through time" as it infinitely speeds you up so you basically are able to instantaneously teleport because everybody else only sees you disappearing and reappearing because you were moving to fast for them too possibly see and everybody else was moving too slow for you to see or even feel.
8. I have too much time on my hands.

And at last, thank you for at least bothering to open the link to this post and I bid you all good morning/day/evening/night