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Question about Staff drops from bosses....

Aug 07, 2008
Well basically i was farming a boss today for a staff that drops from him. I didnt exactly get to ask the guy what kind he got cause he ran off a bit fast so i figured meh ill just farm it.

Well i farmed for a good 2 hours and finally got the drop, but it turns out it is for Life characters. (yea i know your wand/staff doesnt matter to your class but i like to have matching stuff)

My question is when a boss drops an item like a staff is it 1 set attribute or can it change, like next ill get a death or a fire staff? If anyone knows anything about this i would enjoy getting a response...

And just in case you are all wondering the bosses name was Timmy Icepick located in Chelsea Cort in Marlybone, you get sent to him for a quest but i would have to say farm him if you want good gear and cant afford to buy it he drops some really great stuff....

Oh yea and the staff is level 30 and has +1 to pips it looks like, it has a pip in a box so im guessing you get an extra pip at times.

Jan 20, 2009
Unfortunately, bosses have a set loot table and if they drop a staff/sword wand, they will always drop that type only.

You should still wear it, though, as you will likely not have another wand that gives you a bonus pip at that level.

Aug 07, 2008
Just to update this a bit, the +1 to pips gives you 1 pip at the start of the fight.

And i happen to get a Myth or balance staff from pop's O'Leary in the Iron Works last night so im guessing its by boss.

May 15, 2009
Trippin wrote:
(yea i know your wand/staff doesnt matter to your class but i like to have matching stuff)

I like having a staff that deals damage other than my primary school; this way, I can still cast zero-cost damage without wasting one of my traps/blades on it.