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Question About Being Reported

Mar 08, 2009

I am an adult player, and my character is a Grandmaster level Storm Wizard.

I was just approached by someone who I had on my friends list.

This friend and someone else who I do not know, began to beg my character to take them to fight Malistaire. They begged and begged.

After a while, I told them that I felt they were too low to challenge him, and I said, sorry that I could not help them.

The other person (I think one of my friend's friends) then began running after me and kept calling me a Noob and a Hobo and other assorted names.

I just said that I thought he sounded childish, and that I likely would not take him to fight Malistaire anyway. But that I still felt they were honestly both too low to even try.

And I think this person reported me! Because I then got a message saying remember not to swear or use inappropriate language or something like that.

The funny thing is I hardly said anything. Other than what I stated above.

Should I worry about this incident?

This one person seemed rather immature. What should I do, if anything?

The person just seemed to get upset with me.. and reported me.

Should I be concerned about this?

This has never happened before, so I was wondering if I should do anything.


If you've done nothing wrong, young Wizard, you have nothing to worry about.

Mr Lincoln investigates each and every report, and we take false reporting very seriously too! Players who submit false reports can find themselves in just as much trouble.

If a player will not leave you alone, I recommend using the Ignore button on the Friends List, even temporarily. Select the player in the game or their name in the chat window and the Friends panel will open. From there you can press the Ignore button. You can choose to un-ignore someone later on, by selecting them from the Ignore List and un-ignoring them.

Hope this helps, and don't worry young Wizard.

Mar 08, 2009
Thank You for the information, Gamma.

I forgot to say in my above post, that I did use eventually use the ignore list on my friend because of the begging.

The only other thing that I said to both of them was "You just make yourself look bad doing that", refering mostly to this other person calling me Noob, and/or Hobo over and over.

I think it was likely my friend's friend who actually reported me.

Thank You, once again.

Apr 02, 2009
Most of the problems are in PVP. People getting pretty made when they lose or are losing.
Tonight I had to report a guy because he was being pretty degrading to women. Made me pretty mad. But we beat them and they never touched us one time. And we were up against 3 warlords and one commandor! And we where one knight, a sergeant, a vetren, and a private. I think it was funny that they were running their mouths off and talking bad about us two girls on my team and they never attacked us once! LOL

Mar 09, 2009
There is a problem with using the ignore option. When you unignore someone, they are gone from your friends list! This has happened to me several times.

Mar 08, 2009
Rogtim wrote:
There is a problem with using the ignore option. When you unignore someone, they are gone from your friends list! This has happened to me several times.

Yes, I just noticed this about the Ignore List too.

The person who I had ignored, ..seems to have been automatically taken off of my Friends List, as soon as I choose to Un-Ignore them.

So I think this happened to me as well.

(I don't think I had ever had to use the Ignore List before. Except for maybe accidents when I first started playing.)