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Quest Completion Log

May 28, 2009
I would like to suggest that KI add a tab for completed quests. This will help to cut down on some of the quest confusion that I have run into so far. Like, "Have I done that quest yet?", "Where does that quest start?", ect. Recently my son was sitting with me while I was playing and said, "Oh, I've done that quest to get a cyclops monocle." but later when I finished that quest line and it spit me out in Krokotopia he was excited because he realized that soon he would be able to get to KT also. So, we logged into his account and he looks into his current quest log and he does not see the quest there anymore. Yet he cannot enter the tree. So I went into my account looking for the Complete quests log so that I could tell him where to start and nothing is there. Almost every other RPG that I have played has had a quest log so that you can go back and look at what you have completed. And those were in games where they were not MMO's and you didn't need to help others and work together on things.

Apr 22, 2009
I am in the process of working on one. It is going to take a while (probably at least another month), but it will be up on one of the Fansites when it is completed.

Sarai Dragonstone Lvl 50 Ice/Storm
Sarai Dragonheart Lvl 18 Storm/Death

May 28, 2009
So are you saying that you are working on an "In game / Character specific" Completed quest log, or an "Out of Game / Forum / Fansite" with all the quest specific dialog information? Just looking for clarification, thanks.