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Prof. Halstrom Baelstrom Come out

Dec 20, 2009
I wanna ask a few questions for our Incredibly amazing Storm Proffeser

1.Do you come from Marleybone and if so what part.[Imo you come from Knights Court since its near Kattenstiens lab home to that Mad sceintist known as Proffeser Von Kattenstien]?

2.What are your favorite hoobiesYour our Storm proffeser and Storm is about Imagination,Creativity,and Power.So are you a good Artist,Fashion Designer[My mom would love Storm if that was true ],Or a an inventor?

3.In Marleybone[If you came from there] Were all those O'leary Theifs there?

4.Have you ever created a spell of your own[My bet Kraken you went to Mooshu for Vacation there Moolinda Told me she saw you going to the Cave of Solitude ]?

5.Is it true that you once went to Celestia or your going to Celestia with us[Cyrus Went to DS why cant you help in CL]?

Thnx for answering these Questions if you can! 8) 8)

Taylor LotusFist Grand Diviner
-Imagination is endless Knowledge is Limited
-Nothing is Pernament but Change itself
[That could be my new Death Wiz's Quote]