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pride in our characters

Jul 14, 2011
what happend to the pride in our characters? let me explain. from the beginning of lvl 1 to lvl 80 our spells by our teachers and others were great. call us up. time for new spell yay :D we get a quest do our job and beat it. and feel great that we accomplished and earned a new spell. and now... craft the spells with rediculous hard reagents (some players dont even craft. not really an option there) or you can just buy it off a pack. not really fun anymore eh? spells should be spells achieved and earned why change now? in my opinion no offense kingisle. its a great game beautifully designed with colors and a fun storyline. but i starting to think your getting a little greedy since this became a popular game. /:

Sep 08, 2008
Let us hope that KI will release those three spells as monster drops like they did the former 3 spells.

Once I get to that point, I hope I don't have to undertake the Jungle Drum quest just to be able to craft them, because that quest was a PAIN.

But alas...

Jul 03, 2010
Until every one - and I mean every one agrees with this, nothing will change. Many people sink hundreds into the chance to get pack scheme. It does seem that more and more spells are being introduced in Packs to improve your wizard above what most can earn in the game with out them.

The original accusation that buying you way though the game now that spells are being sold may not be far off. Farming endlessly or trying to gather epic reagents does not work as a compromise for me.

I have decided to be pack and craft free and if I find it does make it so my wizard is not longer able to play the game reasonably while still handicapped I will end my subs and move on.

In the end you either agree with the way things are playing out as KI grows further from what you originally started the game for or you leave it to those who do agree with it.

Nov 21, 2010
I don't see what benefits those spells give to wizards. besides cool animation to show off. I rather put them in my spell book to collect some dust. :D

Oct 22, 2011
I haven't even tried to obtain the spells, through packs or crafting for my wizards. Too expensive and time consuming to craft, and I'm not going to buy a bunch of hoard packs just for a spell.

My Myth just got the Ninja Pigs spell in Mooshu. I wasn't farming for it, as she has quests to do there, but I was very very fortunate that I got the spell for her on the first try with the boss (and, she's very happy).

If I happen to obtain a spell while questing, great, but I'm not looking back and cry because my other wizards didn't get their special spells. What I have now works just fine.