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Power Pips

Dec 14, 2008
:-)I have yrt to figure out what power pips are for and how to use them. :-)Please help.

If you're not sure about how Power Pips work, or how to get them, you can redo the tutorial where they are explained.
Just create a new character (you can have 6 at a time) and Merle will describe them to you.

Here are some basics.

  • You don't start getting awarded Power Pips until you are level 10.

  • Power pips are granted at random to you, based on your Power Pip percentage shown in your character screen (press C when not in combat)

  • Power Pips count towards your base school as TWO pips. For example, if you have one normal pip and one power pip, you can cast a spell that costs THREE pips in your base school, or a spell that casts TWO pips in your secondary schools.

See you in Wizard City!