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Potent trap TC

May 17, 2012
I have 8 wizards, and 2 of them, my balance and life wizards never got a potent trap tc drop. It is not possible for us to try to get the card from the Broken Idols quest because all of my wizards do all the side quests, so that option is not available to them because they are at level 115. I have had those 2 wizards farming 34 out of the 49 bosses that drop the potent trap, and we just can't get the card. I am now getting so sick of farming, and I'm talking about at least 10 repetitive battles for each of the 34 bosses for each of my wizards. I'm so frustrated about this I'm seriously thinking of quitting the game. Is there any other way my balance and life wizards can get this potent trap?

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
There's a boss in the Zocalo, off to the right on a little side street. He's a Myth boss that is relatively easy to defeat with only 15,000 health and one minion.


My Storm was in the same situation as your wizards and getting desperate. She battled this guy twice and finally got the Potent Trap!

I'm not promising you're going to get it in two battles, but this, at least, is a quick and easy guy to farm.

Alia Misthaven, 120
Sierra Stormcaller, 100

Jan 18, 2010
Well another option is Gardening. The bad thing about this though is that only one plant it seems drops this well sought after treasure. That plant is the Ultra Alligator Pear Tree, you can get the seed from Farley's Pack in the crown shop or as a rare drop from the Alligator Pear Tree.

Good Luck!

Dec 31, 2009
You can try pvp tournaments it is a pretty common rewards and you do not even need to win the tournament, good luck!

Dec 26, 2016
I've gotten good luck on the Fuego Spirit in Saltmeadow Swamp. Fought him 7 times before I got it. Your life wizard will boost on him which is a plus as well.

Just bring a lot of cleanse charms and keep trying!

Amber Dreamflower 120
Amber Frostflower 61
Mindy Rainflower 5

Apr 09, 2011
there was supposed to be an additional reward for the quest "Broken Idols" where it gives 2 potent trap cards.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
lightdragonofW101 on Sep 29, 2017 wrote:
there was supposed to be an additional reward for the quest "Broken Idols" where it gives 2 potent trap cards.
The problem is, it's a main-line quest that many of us already had already completed when the potent traps were added as a reward. KingsIsle didn't awards us the traps retroactively.

So we're still stuck trying to get the traps the hard way.

Alia Misthaven

May 17, 2012
Thank you all for your suggestions. I have not farmed Malakeen Moondrinker yet,so I will surely start farming him now. I have already farmed 2 of the 3 spirits, but I will concentrate on the Fuego Spirit now. I do not garden nor do I have talent to do pvp tournaments, but you never know. Now that I know that gardening and pvp is a possible way to get the potent trap tc, I just might tackle those too. Again, thank you so much for your help.