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Polymoph Treasure Cards

Jun 03, 2012
Can anyone explain to me he benefit of the Polymorph cards? How do you make use of them in battle? I have quite a few of them taking up space in my deck and I am not sure whether to keep them or sell them to replace them with something more useful. Any information would be helpful, thanks

Sarai Thundergrove

Dec 19, 2012
First, I don't have any of these cards, but I've seen The polymorph in action when higher level players joined me in duels. The benefits I can tell you I've seen are these:

One duel a player morpher into another class and healed all team mates, whether or not they could have done this with their original school...IDK.

Other times I've seen them used to gain more powerfull attacks from a different school. I'm not sure if by using the Polymorhp TC cards allows you to use power pips as if they were from your primary school or not like mastery amulets. These are just a couple of observations and I'm interested to know how these work also.

Jan 11, 2012
The big benefit to polymorphing is to change to a school that hopefully will help you against the enemy you're fighting better than your main class. other than that, I know people who could kill the enemies just fine, but they enjoy the spells another class has

Feb 06, 2012
Polymorph Treasure cards can be very useful when dealing with same school bosses. It offers a solution without having to use prisms. My favorite combo was building up my pips for 2 rounds then using polymorph (into storm) and taking on death minions.

My only issue is I HAVE WAY TOO MANY OF THEM and cant do anything with them. Please make it so I can give them away, sell them at the bazaar, or even allow me to sell them to Victor or Zeke. I get tons from my plants and delete probably 20 to 30 a week.