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plz plz say yes

Feb 07, 2009
win housing comes out will the higher lvl wizards get all items from quest in the other quest that already did
for example

the enrollment quest at the beginning of the game you get a raven wood Banner will my lvl 42 wizard get it in my bank

All the housing items available through quests can be traded, so you can do those quests with another character on that account.

All the housing items available through quests can also be obtained in other ways, be they purchased for gold, found in the world or dropped as rewards for duels.

Jul 05, 2008
unless you have 5 wizards already then you loose out. I have 3 in dragonsypre and one in marleybone that I play with my family and one in Mooshi with over 30,000 gold. Ah which one should I delete :( the one I want to delete has my beta dragon so I guess I will never get those items :(