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PLEASE stop filling Crown Packs with Rental Mounts

Jul 04, 2012
Dear KI,

Rental Mounts have been a thorn in my side since I started playing, but it came to a head yesterday with the "special loot," given in the chests for the new Member's Benefit.

The Daily Assignment benefit promised "special loot," in the treasure chests. It was special alright - Out of 12 Wizards I received 9 Rental Mounts on 2 accounts. REALLY KI? The rest was also garbage, but the Rental Mounts really peeved me.

I realize these are gifts and I shouldn't sound ungrateful. But I pay for this game and when I'm promised "special loot," I don't expect Rental Mounts that I cannot keep, sell or trade. It's infuriating.

Granted, they were 15 day mounts instead of 7. Big deal - they still went into the Trash bin.

I have the same problems with receiving 2 or 3 Rental Mounts in a single Crown Pack (for which I am paying real money). Or worse - an item that you can pick up at the Bazaar or get at any of the stores IN-GAME any day of the week by the hundred. I don't know about other players, but this makes me not want to buy ANY packs, period.

At least LIMIT the garbage in those packs! I actually received FOUR Rental Candy Cane Mounts in a single Winter Pack during the Christmas in July sale. Seriously? That was when I stopped buying them. If they had been full price, I would have really been irritated.