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Please ASK before you port! and more common court

Aug 19, 2008
KI has created us a wonderful world to play in!
But every society must have rules to keep chaos at bay.
What would your rules be for Wizard 101?

Cynicals words of wisdom for newer players:

1. Choose your friends wisely. The roads here are long and winding and yes you will need help along the way. When you finish a battle and like the way someone works with you: THOSE ARE THE PEOPLE THAT YOU SHOULD ASK TO BE YOUR FRIEND.

2. Be considerate. Before you port you should "ASK" the person if you can come to them. They may be busy or not want company right now. They may be in battle and your joining could cause them to die. You just never know! This could also get you deleted from a friends list.

3. Don't panic: each world gets harder as you travel up the spiral. You probably will make some friends in each world depending how fast or slow you travel. That works. Don't harrass higher level players by asking them to be your friend as they pass through lower levels to complete tasks....you make them want to stay out of those areas. You don't need a high level player to complete any of the boss battles in Wizard City. You can do them all alone if you have to: with the exception being Sunken City. Take your time, keep your health up...and you will win!

4. Have fun. If someone tells you "no" for anything don't sweat it. There are over a million players! Find someone else to help you! Remember the old line: your freedom stops where it infringes on someone else's freedom! Everyone is here to have fun, their own fun, not your fun.

What are yours?