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Players getting bored with Wizard 101.....a few qu

Feb 15, 2009
Yea and I think the new schools should be permanent not just secondary cause it just being secondary kinda ruins it ALSO they said we will be able to use pets as allies in battle and a pet derby hatchery etc. in this spring SO why arent they adding it!? cause spring is almost over.

Dec 21, 2009
FzzyBnnySlpr wrote:
That's great that once you cancel you can start back up again.

But, what about people like me who paid the year in advance? I finished the game in about 2 months and now I have nothing new to do.

I even got a robe from Malistaire THAT I CAN'T USE!!! What a let down that was.

And I purchased a $20 gift card from Best Buy. Which the only thing good that came out of it was the Flamezilla. Otherwise I've hardly spent the crowns.

There's better stuff to win then what you can buy from Zeke. Not that I'm complaining about that.

But, I've invested $80 into the game and finished within 2 months.

Do I get a refund? I could have subscribed for 2 months for much cheaper then I paid.

KI, you need to give us new content. Otherwise, I want some money back.

Ok, the idea of the game is to do six schools to grand. When that is done, all badges completed and crafting, not to mention housing and grizzleham, on each then you can technically have a point for a refund, not that it will happen. Because then you will truely be finish with the game.

You mention the robe you won you cant use, my answer to that is not everyone gets their robe on the first try, be lucky you got a robe instead of a create of chickens lol at least that robe you can make better gold off of.
You might want to try malistare's chest with the crowns you mention you dont use or wait and see if you want to retrain when the new world comes.

Plus now they are bringing in the pet hatchery, so new content will be shortly. :)

Dec 21, 2009
paleo wrote:
You know what i think KI should do to fiz this "bordem" going around? I think they should make every single quest different for each school. This way, if you get bored on a grandmaster, you can make a new charachter with a different school. Then you wont have to do all the quests over again. :D :D :D :D :D :D

I agree or maybe open a special school that only for those who have already went grand. On city of heros once one of your toons reach max lvl you can then open up too different classes. This encourages players to play the game all the through and make a new toon to use the new class open.

I love wizards101, but quest do get boring when you have the same thing to do over and over again for six toons. XD on my fourth wizard now.