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Pet giving nothing good

Dec 25, 2008
Ok so between camp and my life it took me about 2 or 3 weeks of doing waterworks over and over again for snacks. After those hard weeks I finally got my sea dragon from adult to ancient so what do I get. pip o plenty. It gives me 3% power pip. What is this? Ok maybe from baby to teen I could get that but adult to ancient? Does anybody else see that the pet rewards are maybe not so great. :( :(

Aug 03, 2009
As you increase your pet's stats (Agility, Strength, etc) the talents it gives will get better. Sea Dragons have the potential for a bit more than 5% Pip chance with Pip O Plenty, and I ahve seen some whose total talents give 15% universal defense. Don't worry about low talents, they become stronger as your pet grows.

Sep 18, 2009
Yeah, my sea dragon got pip-o-plenty at teen and it is only a 1% boost, so you may be better off getting it at ancient.

Jul 15, 2009
in the beginning as you train its stats that are meant to help you will remain low because it is only the beginning of the pets training. By training your pets agility, strengh, etc, your pets talents increase. Most of the time to get the highest possible rewards from a talent will be given when the pet is from ancient to epic, as long as all of the qualities of a pet have been trained playing differnt mini games for your pet. If your pets talents are still by epic not what you hoped for, then hatching with another pet with talents you like may be a solution, or purchase another pet.