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Permanent changes or event?

Dec 02, 2008
With the latest patch(es) bringing both permanent changes and an event, could I get clarification on what is part of the event and what will permanently be part of the game? I'd assume that Valentina Heartsong is only for the Valentine's Day event, and will be gone when the event is over. Are there any other such things that are only for the event, or is everything else now permanently part of the game? In particular, what about the new buyable pets that give stats or a card?

You are correct, Valentine Heartsong is only here for the holiday season.

The 101 crowns items are here to stay, as each new account starts off with 101 crowns so there will always be items to purchase for that price. The pet may not always be the same, though, but for now you can rely on the storm beetle being available for quite some time.

Penny Dreadful is a new student at Ravenwood, and we're hoping she'll stay around for a long time.