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Parent looking for help

Mar 08, 2009
I have enabled parental controls on my second account I plan to let my kids play on. The birthdate I used for the account clearly shows the player will be under the age of 13.

Yet when I log in to test the account, the account can still use the chat system and its not restricted to the preset chat pulldown system.

Am I missing something? Did I misunderstand that children under 13 wouldnt be able to use regular chat?


I can assure you that children's accounts under the age of 13 default to "no filtered chat" without express parental approval. Ensure that you are logging in with your child's username & password and then attempt to "chat". Although the interface comes up & looks like it's able to chat, in fact, nothing will appear, nor can they see any filtered chat around them.

If you've done this & still find something amiss, please just send me a ticket & I can confirm on your specific account.