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Pagoda Gauntlet available on-line

May 11, 2012
I just want to say a BIG thank you to KI for making the Pagoda Gauntlet available on-line. I have wanted it for a long time and now have a way of obtaining it. I purchased Winterbane when it was available in the stores, but I really do not like it (I have no one to do it with and cannot get passed the first floor on my own) and find that I much prefer the Pagoda Gauntlet, and I am so excited that I am going to be able to finally get it. So, once again, THANK YOU KI!

Autumn FairyDreamer Level 79

Feb 07, 2011
As a non-American wizard, I'm always excited to finally get all the cool stuff my friends can get. So yeah, thanks!

promethean x3

Oct 29, 2013
I was planning on getting it at the store this weekend because I've been wanting it for a while. KI just saved me a trip. Woot woot! :) So excited!

Miranda Nightsinger, Transcendent Necromancer
Calamity Windbane, Magus Diviner