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Outgoing and Incoming Stats for Chastisement Spel

Apr 16, 2014
Could someone please explain what these mean? I am a level 86 Balance Wiz and I just got the Star spell Chastisement and I had to choose between an Elemental version or a Spirit version. On the spell you get +25 Outgoing and +5 Incoming on each of the elemental. The same with the Spirit version. I have always been confused what these stats mean exactly. It sounds like to me that you would take +5 more damage on incoming elemental spell aimed at you. I don't think this can be right though. Please someone clear this up for me. Thanks!

P.S. I chose the Elemental version because my second school is storm up to Stormzilla.

Scarlet ShadowStone Level 86 Scarlet SwiftRiver Level 21

Sep 17, 2012
You weill recieve +25 to all outgoing balance attacks and +5 to any incoming Elemental or Spirit attack on yourself depending which you use. So if you are fighting , use the Spirit one and you don't have to worry about that small penalty.

Apr 16, 2014
OK Gotcha! That is exactly what I thought then. I really need to get both of them I guess. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

Scarlet ShadowStone Level 87 Scarlet SwiftRiver Level 21