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Original NPC voiceovers?

Aug 09, 2008
Returning player here (I was part of the old beta test, but quit for a while shortly after the game went live). I just barely started to play again, and have a few minor questions about things that I've noticed are a little different. If any of the veterans would care to answer them, I'd be much obliged.

1) I understand that full voiceovers have been added for most of the questlines in the first few areas. This is great. However, I've also noticed that the teachers in Ravenwood are strangely SILENT when you approach them with no quest active.

One of my strongest memories of this game were the cute, brief, "taglines" that each instructor of the respective magic schools would give when you would talk to them. Professor Greyrose would sometimes say "Greeeeetings!" in a small, tiny voice, for example ... and I remember that Cyrus would audibly groan and mumble under his breath when you bothered him.

I no longer get these. Is there something wrong with my current installation, or are they gone for everyone else, too? If so .... WHY WERE THEY REMOVED!? I miss them. :-(

2) Is it standard to receive a wand with the first spell from each magic school on a new character, now, rather than standard "wand" attacks? I was surprised on my first venture out into Unicorn way, and found that I had no quick, easy, "pip-less" method of attack.

3) It could be my imagination, but it seems to me that several spell animations have been "sped up" slightly. It's not by much, but a few of them (especially the first-level spells) seem much faster to me. Is this my imagination?

4) Other MMORPGs have "patch history" notes available for people to read, and keep up with the changes to the game over time. I've looked around, but can't find one for Wizard 101. Is there any place I can go to read about changes to the game myself, and avoid bothering all of you with questions like this in the future? :-P

Thank you all for your time.

Welcome back!

Let me go through these one at a time.

1. Silent teachers. Yes the 'taglines' were removed and the faculty now only have voices when they have a quest for you, but I'll definitely pass this on to our Sound Wizards who implemented the new voiceovers.

2. New wand. Yes, this was introduced in January. This is a ONE PIP wand, that includes spells from all schools except your main school of focus. This way you can see what other schools are like and what their strengths and weaknesses are by using the spells on this wand.

3. Spell Animations. You're not imagining things. Some of the longer, more repetitive spells were sped up or changed completely (see the new imp spell!). Some of the defeat animations and natural attacks have been updated since you last played as well.

4. History: You bet, here's our Patch Notes page!

Aug 09, 2008