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Ok-ekkroarbaren story

May 10, 2009
Have you read the Celestia story topic yet? read it first. anyways let the story begin.
Zan'e:Had you read article 4 page 3 of the book?
You read it and it is a world named Ok-ekkroarbaren.
The article says: Ok-ekkroarbaren is a world of Pet owls and monkey, tiger, and stork pilots.
Zan'e: Ooh! You are going to that world here is your sprial key!
You go tell the headmaster about it.
Merle Ambrose:So you are going to Ok-ekkroarbaren. Gamma might come with you to his home world!
Gamma: Sure! I'll come. So I'll meet you there!
You enter the world and you see Gamma and Mr. Lincoln.
Mr. Lincoln: Gamma invited me to come along. You will have to move out of your castle or dorms and move into the rooms in the competition.
Gamma: They won't let you in unless you defeat blood fire hounds, 3 skeleton pilot, and get yourself a plane.
You do all that and enroll with the headmaster.
Eadith. T. Mammal: Ok,you get prepare for the competition, but be warned that their is a evil dragon spirit running around.
You tell him that you fought an evil emperor that someone told him that it was a dragon and you show him your pilot badge.
Eadith.T.Mammal: That belongs to Morty Flamestaff. You can return that to him and earn your pilot uniform.
To be continued...