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Oh, those Dreadfuls!

Dec 11, 2008
I finally got bored enough with my Grand Master that I started a new character and noticed a couple of things that made me think...

1. Penny Dreadfull's family lives on Chelsea in Marleybone. I think there should have been more reference to her or her family when we got to MB. Also, her parents ship her a pet... from MB. the place where apparently it is not cool to have a pet (no pet shop, etc). That seems to be a little off to me. Why would people living on MB be shipping pets out?

2. The Gobblers homeworld has been taken over by witches. Why aren't we helping these Gobblers recover there home world?

Dec 11, 2008
sigh. I guess I'm the only one concerned about the Gobblers. lol

or the fact that MB has illegal pet smugglers living amongst them.

Mar 12, 2009
I'm with you. I would like to know a little more about the dreadfuls myself. I am possibly guessing that Penny's father might be a traveler and maybe picked up the pet on one of his travels to send back to penny as a good luck on your schooling present. Also suprised me that the parents forgot she was allergic or what not to cyclops, lol.

About the gobblers, even thought they are a little rude and hungry im sure there are a lot of nice gobblers out there. I'm also sure that Ambrose is most likely cooking up a plan to help get there world back, and that may be a reason why he is also allowing them to stick around collosus. Which i also hope things work out for the poor guys in the end.