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Offensive Playstyle Life Player

May 01, 2010
I feel like I don't see this very often in game!
Even though soloing Life up to level 58 has been nothing but an uphill struggle, ever since I got Forest Lord I've been wrecking it.
I know I'm only moderately leveled compared to all the max players on this forum, but honestly I'm seeing so many benefits, at least at my current level range (65ish).

I stacked up my life damage to 63% and plan to keep stacking, and I have power pip percentage at 95%
This means I can effectively Forest Lord within 2 rounds of starting if I'm fighting mobs- 1 round for a normal life blade, and another for an item card life blade, which will stack. Throw in a Colossal enchant and I'm doing 320% damage, which would be around 2500 (as a Forest Lord after being enchanted does 800 damage on average), and this wipes out 95% of the mobs in Celestia.
Tricky boss? No problem. Alternating guiding light/satyr and blade/trap/centaur will still slowly but surely whittle down the health of a boss.
Want to one shot people? Sharpened blade does wonders.
Elemental blade + Life blade + Life blade (item) + Life blade (sharpened) + Feint
(+35% +40% +40% +50% +70%) adds up to 6.7 times the damage you would have done
Factor in my damage boost of 63%? Effectively places you at 11 times the original damage.
Critical? Great! You are now dealing 22 times the damage! And I haven't even factored in Life trap and elemental trap.

On top of that you can still critical heal and play a bomb support when needed. There is literally no downside.

I do enjoy playing support, I like to sit back and watch storm wizards hit and keep everyone at full health with multiple layers of spirit armor from rebirth. But playing solo is practical for myself and sometimes necessary or forced (school spells, etc.) and I have found Life absolutely amazing when used offensively. (I usually solo because of my timezone, so dealing a ton of damage is something like a necessity)

Just... Offensive Life players guys!
I'd love to hear counter arguments or experiences you guys have with playing life wizards! It would definitely help me as I keep progressing through the game.

Jul 06, 2009
You know, I'm actually an offensive life wizard. I play the game a lot with my gf but we made a mistake when she first joined and now her balance is paired with my life. We didn't realize at the time how bad this might end up because both balance and lack damage. But life has ended up having more, in general, damage than balance does. So out of the two of us, I'm the main hitter. Just wait till you get hungry caterpillar though. That spell is A+.
I soloed as a life all the way up to Azteca but from there I needed help because cheating bosses became a regular thing and although life can hit and heal by then, sometimes enemies hit too fast for you to do both. Or that was my experience.
...although battles can get pretty hard for us because of the school pairing lol

Aug 23, 2016
Aside from the Jade Oni, Malistaire, and the final bosses of Celestia, Avalon, Zafaria, and Azteca I've mostly soloed my way into Khrysalis. Mind you there a few places with minor cheating bosses that you'll need team-ups for but yes. Forest Lord makes it MUCH easier.

Hungry Catepillar and King Artorius are now my go to spells once I've cleared out the mobs.

When I'm questing with my kids they prefer to use me as a hitting tank as I can deal more damage than they can. That said,...

Glacier has it nailed, the biggest problem from bosses starting in Celestia (and getting worse with each world) are the cheating bosses with at least two minions that you will need at least two at level wizards to handle. I have a regular questing group that I absolutely would not have made it out of Azteca without their help.

With the minor bosses, Life can either hit or heal but seldom have the time to accumulate enough pips to do both.

I recommend a straight healing deck with a few hits for team-ups. (I have an entire set of gear [including deck] that maximizes my healing status).

Steven Ghoststalker