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Obtaining Swords or pets

Oct 05, 2008
I have played the bosses repeatedly alone or with a group and never received Swords or pets. It gets rather frustrating when I have fought bosses like 30 times and get nothing but someone else goes in once and gets items. Can someone please try to explain this to me I am level 45 ice and don't seem to be able to receive anything.

Jul 21, 2009

You are not alone. I can't use swords yet buy when I went into a boss battle in MooShu (Jade Oni) with some friends I won a sword, maybe the 17th time? My other friend has played this guy like thousands of times. Swords are rare, keep trying. I was just lucky.

Also checkout the Bazaar, there is more often then not some swords there. But, there about the cost of a small WC house so I just suggest to keep trying ;)!

~Gorman Battlesword
Level 26

Jun 09, 2009
try lord nightshade for a dark sprite pet with a card. i got it around my 9 time killing him.

jacob boomwalker lvl40 ice