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Observations and suggestions

Feb 25, 2010
When you have a minion spell, the minion you get depends on the number of pips you have. The more pips, the stronger the minion. It also took me until about level 20 to figure out about clothes and accessories giving you more mana and health.
I figured out (I think) pretty well how to use prisms to their max. They have aided me many times.
Also, gaming manners...
1) Don't just teleport to your friends. They might be fixing up their house or chatting with a friend or something and not want company. Ask first.
2) Don't just jump into battles. There have been plenty of times I'm just about done with a battle with just enough health and mana to survive it, and then someone jumps in, bringing another enemy to the mix. Ask first.
3) Don't use the game to hook up with players on the romantic side. There are little kids playing who don't need to hear about guys who need girls or vice versa. This is a family-friendly game, and we need to remember that.
4) Don't take this game or its players personally. Remember, although this is probably the best game ever, it's still a game. There was one night I happened to be in the Commons and a player was fussing (with inappropriate language) about another player and I noticed he was complaining about that player on a most persoanl level. I also noticed a group of players trying to calm him down. Kudos to them!

I'm sure I'll be listing more observations later.

Mar 06, 2009
Jan 19, 2010
i agree

i really don't like it when people ask you out. i can imagine it could really offend the person if it happened to a married adult.