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Not Able to teleport to a friend or them to you?

May 04, 2009
I have a subscription i bought a prepaid card and I can not teleport to a friend while in battle or join them in a battle. Also they can not join me. Do i need another subscription to do so.

Do you and your friend have your characters on each other's Friends List?

If not, meet up with them in game and click on them. You will see the Friends panel appear and you can add them as a Friend.

If you know each other outside of Wizard101, you can exchange a True Friend Code. Open your Friends Panel (upper right corner of your Wizard101 game screen) and click the button with a numeric code on it. There you will be able to create or input a True Friend Code.

For more information on how these codes work, <a href="https://www.wizard101.com/site/home2/wizard101/page_8ad6a4041ecf5ad6011ee0a72b7b02f1">click here</a>.