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No Balance spear?

May 09, 2010
Why doesn't balance get a balance spear? I know we get spirit and elemental spears that only do 6 pierce but it its not like the only to spells a balance wizard uses are chimera and hydra, like really Kingsisle?
It would be nice if we actually got a balance spear if lets say a an ice boss used a tower shield we could use a balance spear to pierce through its resist, I am not gonna use an elemental spear for a balance spell and no i am gonna cast a king artorius or shadow shrike just to get a spell that other schools get by default. I am actually thinking on quitting balance due to this unfairness.

- Noah

Mar 07, 2012
Balance won't have these specific spells. (except a few) Why do you think balance has no shield, prism, blade or trap specifically for it? It just is. It's something you should have thought of when you even picked balance as your main school. It will have disadvantages, just like every other school.

~ Vanessa Rainbowpetal, level 61 theurgist

May 09, 2010
You make a good point Vanessa. Sorry for my ignorance.