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No Auction Items

Feb 16, 2009
Something doesn't make sense to me about the bazaar. Why can't we sell certain items there, especially ones that have a high value? If I had a gold coin for every expensive item in my bank and backpack that I cn't sell to the Bazaar, I'd be middle-class!

This is especially true for items I CAN'T EVEN USE!

Can someone please explain this to me, because the way I see it, it makes absolutely no sense.

Mar 18, 2010
No auction items can be sold. Clothing items, rings, athames and amulets can be sold to the Robe vendor in the Shopping District. Housing items can be sold to the housing vendor in the Shopping District.


Sep 11, 2010
I would like to see something done about this too.

Evidently a profusion of these "crowns only" items would either unbalance the game (PVP?) or reduce the prestige of their "One-of-a-Kind" treasure/trophy value, so the number of them allowed in the game is strictly monitored.

Some of them cannot be placed in the shared bank, which means you cannot use them with another wizard of the required school should you decide to take the time to create it.

None of this so-called super stuff can be displayed either ... another wish list item that has been mentioned many times in the forums.

They are ... totally worthless ... UNLESS there is a means of TRADING them with other players I am unaware of. Comments on trading among players would be appreciated as I have not yet turned it on.

For now, Zeke buys all of mine for about ten cents on the dollar.

Apr 05, 2010
My best guess, was that KI wanted to keep certain items rarer in the game. This especially applies to all the level 50 gear farmed form bosses all over Dragonspyre. If you wanted this 'best' gear, you would have to farm for it. This way players would have to keep playing long after they completed all the quests. Games like this have 'gold sinks' and 'time sinks' placed throughout to keep players interested, past the point of completing the storyline. No Trade/No Auction gear is a 'time sink' so that you keep returning to play the game. It's the same with rare housing items and crafted items. 'Gold sinks,' like pet hatching or house decorating, play a similar role by taking large amounts of gold to accomplish. Again players have to play the game to 'farm' for enough gold to accomplish their goals. It's all part of game design as a business strategy.

Now that much of the Celestia gear is no longer No Trade/No Auction, it doesn't make much sense to me that most of the level 50 gear still has these restrictions. You can buy better gear than it from the bazaar. I'm sure that KI is working hard on more pressing issues.

Feb 14, 2009
Oct 08, 2010
I think its because KI doesnt want other players just buying those really good clothes at the bazaar. For this reason you can't sell it there just because of the unique and rare stats the come with it. I hate how i cant sell them there too but i think this is the reason why. :?