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New Zeke clothing in, old Zeke clothing out

Oct 19, 2008
I loved the game with all the cool, regular items with a lot to choose from, but now you get limited options for what your crowns will buy and all the new items are just copies of regular items you get from defeating eople on the streets, except they only give out one card and some life! Then Zeke only has 2 kinds of items under each kind, like there are only 2 or 3 hat choices he gives out, one gives you a BUNCH of life, the other is just there to say " why buy me?". My friends on the game said it was bad, Also in Mooshu, there used to be all sorts of awesome robes and hats, now they're all regular looking and boring, and there is still only 2 choices,Wizard 101 people, please put back all the original items! i liked them a lot more than the new items!

Michael Lotusblade, Crusher Crusher