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new wizard question/help

Jun 06, 2010
I am new to the game and was wondering if there is any tips u can provide about how to setup my spell deck. I am a fire wizard if that matter. Is it better to have your deck full or limit to just the spells you will use?

Also is it better to have a mixed deck of all schools spells or focus more on fire spells?


May 20, 2010
The more spells you have in the deck, the less likely it is that you will find the one you want. Spells that you seldom use will just clutter your deck.

What you put in the deck depends on what you're fighting. There's no one-deck-fits-all ideal makeup. Generally, you want the deck to be lean, with just a little more than is needed to defeat what you're facing.

Jun 08, 2011
If you are just starting out, the various novice wands that give 1 card of each of 6 different rank 1 spells are a great help.

If you aren't level 10 yet, and thus cannot get power pips, mixing schools has no disadvantages for you that I can think of. Having multiple schools in your deck only starts to be a concern once power pips are in play, and you need to worry about whether to use them for your higher level fire spells or for lower level spells from your secondary school or treasure cards.

Personally, I would advise filling up your whole deck with spells. In a pinch, unneeded ones can be discarded during combat to draw a treasure card from your sideboard. Make sure that the sideboard is stocked with things that you think you'll be wanting to use, however... it's a good place for tower shields, X spells such as Heck Hound until you get that one on your own, blades, and area attack spells that you don't have on your own yet. Fire Trap is another good choice, to enhance your regular spell damage.

And never, ever, leave a full complement of Pixie cards out of your main deck! They are lifesavers if you don't have a Life Wizard partner playing with you.

Mar 18, 2009
chasekid05 wrote:
I am new to the game and was wondering if there is any tips u can provide about how to setup my spell deck. I am a fire wizard if that matter. Is it better to have your deck full or limit to just the spells you will use?

Also is it better to have a mixed deck of all schools spells or focus more on fire spells?


A small or full deck is determined by play style. I have seen wizards solo the Marleybone Warehouse and the final dungeon of Nastrond, because of a full deck (of cards you can use of course). Most wizards I know, keep it at a small deck to ensure a higher chance of drawing the card you really need for that fight.

I personally don't think a mixed deck of more than two schools is worth it. If you acquire/buy a mastery amulet, then a second school will be very helpful. However, you can go through the entire game without spending a single training point in a second school (or more). Some will suggest putting a few points in certain schools up to a certain level, but I disagree on the fact that higher level gear now comes with cards of those same spells. You can even train pets with the same cards, like feint, tower, pierce, etc. Also, the abundance of treasure cards reduces the need for that too.

Feb 28, 2011
I'm not sure how others do it, but after a few mistakes with my first and main myth wiz, I made sure all my other wizards had used training points to acquire the triple blades and traps (spirit and elemental) from the balance tree in krok. You can get these without having to spend training points on all the other balance school spells first. So all my wizards get these blades and traps (4 total training points used). As far as how to stock your deck, my higher lvl wizards have 2 or 3 decks in their backpacks, and my myth has storm as a second school. I originally set up a deck of all storm cards, one of all myth and one mixed depending on who I was fighting, and would adjust the treasure cards accordingly depending also on who or what I was fighting. The disadvantage is 1. I've fixed the deck or treasure cards prior to a fight but forgot to equip that deck and gone into battle with the wrong deck 2. If someone asks you to help in a battle and they dont know what they are fighting when you ask, and you port to help, by then they have gotten to the battle and you are in battle without the chance (maybe a few seconds but not long) to change or fix your deck, change amulets or wands or treasure cards.
So now I basically stick to one deck, usually my myth wiz has single blades and traps for medusa and stormzilla (trap but no blade for him :( ) and some other 4-5 pip spells, some healing for myself and treant morph to heal others, and the empowerment gain a pip always as many as I can of that in a deck it really helps but is a lvl 58 spell. I play along side my life lvl 56 student on a seperate account and she has life blade/trap, mostly centaur, a few phoenix and fire trap, several spirit/elemental traps/blades and plenty of healing spells since she primarily heals if we are grouping to help others fight a battle.
But basically I suggest setting your deck depending on the battle and what kind of enemy you are facing. My life student just did big ben (she is a bit behind on quests from helping ppl lol) and for the most part she only changed some treasure cards before each battle and got rid of some stuff that wasnt needed in her deck. When you fight the 4 brothers at the end of wintertusk, best advice is remove any traps from your deck because it's a game of tag and if you try to trap the brother that has the stun shield and he decides to switch which brother is 'it' you will get hammered for placing a trap on the wrong brother, unless its a storm trap that gets placed on all of them at once. Those brothers are hard to fight against, impossible almost to do solo. It's important to strike the brother (that is wearing the stun shield) immediately after he gets the stun shield or you may miss the chance. Blades are important in this fight, along with a healing boost circle around the duel to help increase each healing spell.
There are some tricks to other duels but this got lengthy enough lol. Hope we were able to help :)

Sep 05, 2011
I like to have three different deck arrangements. I have maxed storm and ice spells.
1. Deck of the Devouring Flame with just strong fire attacks and the blades and traps.
2. Dragonfire Deck with storm and fire mixed together.
3. Dragonfire Deck with ice and fire mixed together.
Patrick Star Grandmaster Pyromancer

Aug 09, 2009
This is a little late in response, but it may be useful to others also.
Early in the game just use your hardest hitting spells and a few less powerful ones to kill weakened enemies. I highly recommend having an Ice wand to get rid of annoying tower shields and fire shields without wasting your blades and traps. This will be more important the further into the game you get. The only non-fire spells I use are for healing and shields.

For non-boss battles I find that a small deck works best especially after you get Scald from completing Marleybone. My basic deck is 1 of each of the following: Sprite, Pixie, Legend shield, Glacial shield then 4-5 Fireblades and 4-5 Scald (meteor strike until then). For boss battles throw in more healing and shields, a couple Heck Hounds, Phoenix, and Wildfires. Replace the weaker spells with the stronger equivalent when you get them (Helephant, Firedragon etc...)
For Fire bosses, don't use wildfire and put in as many Fireprisms as your deck can hold. Try to stack them on the boss and then hit him with a big Heckhound. Change your deck according to your need especially before every boss battle. The further into the game you get, the more important this becomes. I am halfway through Dragonspire and working on Ravenscar at this point and I have soloed everything (except Kensington Park). This deck strategy works. I also have never used a single treasure card but that's just my preference. Check the bazaar for better equipment, it makes a huge difference.

Adam Fireblood lvl 47