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New to gaming

Jun 12, 2009
I am new to playing on line games. Is there some place that I can go to learn more? I have read all the info that is at Wizard 101 but I still have lots of questions. I am not a youngster so this is a real challange for me. I really like the game but I feel bad when others try to chat with me or need my help because I am totally lost. I had one player suggest that I change wands but I am not sure what to change it to. I don't even totally understand magic cards. Sure hope someone can help.

You mentioned that you read everything we have to offer, but I wanted to make sure you saw it all. If you're new to gaming, you may find our printable quick guide to be a great reference.
You can locate the guide by clicking here .

We do have a rather extensive Players Guide that gets a little more indepth on game play mechanics, and that can be found at https://www.wizard101.com/guide

If you have a specific questions, I know our wonderful community will be quick to help you out. Our message boards are full of wonderful players who are more than willing to help others out with guidance and advice.

Lastly, our fansites are a WONDERFUL resource for players of all levels. It may seem a little daunting at first, but you will find a site that speaks to you in a manner that helps you understand the game, so please feel free to have a look on our Fansites & Links Page for a list of sites that can guide you through Wizard101.

I'm glad you've joined us, and I hope the tutorial we placed in the game can give you some insight. Remember you can have up to 6 Wizards at a time on your account, so if you need a refresher, you can always start a new character and repeat the tutorial.

See you in Wizard City!

May 15, 2009
Definitely read about W101 play and gaming in general. Learning and mastering the mechanics of it is fun! The journey is as fun as the destination.

What the person may have (should have) been suggesting about the wand is this:

Your original wand comes with about six cards, each which cost one mana to cast. The problem with this is that if you only cast one-cost cards, then you are pretty much locked into casting one-cost cards! (You gain one pip each turn and will spend that one mana every turn, never saving up for the larger spells.)

An alternative to the starter wand is a wand that comes with zero-cost spells that do a little less damage. This is beneficial in that you can still deal damage to your opponents (particularly if they don't have much health remaining anyway) while saving mana for a higher-cost spell.

Additionally, if you have one of these zero-cost wands, consider the type of damage it does. By default, most fire students would think they would want Alicane's Flame Staff (It has eight cards: costs 0, deals 55 fire damage), but if you use traps and blades which boost fire damage, you've prohibited yourself from using the staff since you don't want to waste a trap/blade on a weak spell.

For this reason, I used Alicane's on my death student (looks good with him too) and used Baron's Staff of Tension (8x 0-cost 55 storm damage) so I can still do zero-cost damage and maintain my fire traps/blades. Fortunately the storm staff there has red/yellow colours which match my fire dude.

(There's defeating your enemy and there's defeating your enemy with style!)