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new spell ideas

Jun 18, 2009
hi everyone i just though that i would post some new spell ideas if you have any of your own tell me i'm sure everyone would love to hear them.
1. a spell you receive from any class at level 35: counter 6 pips absorbs damage from next three attacks and doubles the damage onto your opponent
it's class is whatever class you are
2. a spell you can receive from any class at level 40: samori warrior 5 pips 200 hundred damage to all friends per pip 400 damage to all enemies per pip.
it's class is what ever class you are
3. a spell for balance wizards only at level 30: warrior of the forgotten 4 pips 0-1,000 damage
4. this is the final spell for life only at level 50 protection 6 power pips gives one counter shield to all friends