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NEW! Shadow Magic

Jan 16, 2013
Blue fire elf,

It's almost my birthday march 22 and if you friend me I can buy crowns over ten bucks then you get bonus crowns. I'm blaze waterwielder level 16 in krokotopia.

Jan 21, 2014
ok, i dont know if everyone is ok with this but i have heard people say that morganthe has also corrupted the towers of sun and star ( have no idea what they are but just pointing that out ) so i think there should be shadow magic but that makes like shadow protections and shadow auras, ( cool!) but i really but REALLY whould love that light magic would be involved in the game. Im just saying that everything has a oposite:

oposite and viceversa
oposite and viceversa
oposite and viceversa
balnce dosent have though...
but it would make sense!

shadow oposite light and viceversa

It would be AWSOME for light magic to exist!

isaac goldheart lvl 21