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New servers!

Dec 02, 2008
I see that there are three new servers open now: Dryad, Satyr, and Seraph. All are presently listed as "perfect", though with only one of the old servers still listed that way, they'll probably fill up soon enough.

Player populations often go way up during the summer months when kids are out of school. I'd expect this to especially be the case in a game that targets kids as explicitly as this one does. Hopefully KingsIsle is prepared.

We are, and we're looking forward to many more Wizards joining us this summer!

As the numbers of players increase, so will the numbers of Realms!

Feb 18, 2009
I too hope that KI is prepared for this. I can't count the number of times my computer has lagged down, froze up, or just down right logged me off your website due to bad connections. I have had Mr. Lincoln look into this and he has helped me tremendously with some minor issues my computer had but for the most part it was the disconnections to the server that were the more frustrating points.

It's a great game and there are going to be more and more people joining. Especially since it's summer and the kids will be home more (like you said).

Good Luck keeping up KI,

Hunter SilverHeart

Dec 02, 2008
There are an additional four servers now: Banshee, Ghoul, Leprechaun, and Unicorn.

A lot of companies would make a big to-do about how the game is growing and that means they're having to open new servers, even if a new server here doesn't mean a clean start with no one higher level than you as in some other games.