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new puter and the reload!

Jul 27, 2009
oh gee i just got the new gamer up and running and i got everyone telling me to go see them and the install is quite helarious...
my dorm room si full of crates and i can run in the one where the teleporter is and poof i am on the beach with a ton more boxes . but the game is absolutley beautiful with my new system, and i see things i didnt see before. the only thing i find i have to revisit everywhere to get the stuff downloaded again so i am gonna be running areound the spiral for awhile.

and i thot hte spial was stunning before

well now it is unspeaskbale in it appearance KI you did one heck of a wonderful job with the graphics. thank you for all the time and effort you putin to this game to make it so Aweaomely Kool


Jul 27, 2009
oops sorry about the spelling i just got excited.

but the more i play i keep wondering what else i will see,