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New Feature - Castle Games

Mirella's sister, Eliza Windspar has joined her in business. Visit her in the Wizard City Castle Tours building for all new Castle Games!

When the owner of a house starts a housing game such as Zeke's Scavenger Hunt or Tag, they will see a button to make the game public. This means that other people will be able to play that game at your house just by selecting it from Eliza Windspar's menu.

The owner can stop the game from being listed on Castle Games by stopping the game. When the game ends, either by finishing normally or by the owner stopping it, the game is removed from the public housing game list. The owner can use the new “Send Away All” button to remove unwanted guests.

Now get out there and start playing!

Community Leader
If a player else goes to your house and starts the game will it be shown for other players to play? Does this only work if the owner starts the game? Reason I'm asking I think it would be great if other players that come to your house would be able to start a game to allow others to play.

I'm not always at my houses but would love to be able to allow players to the games.

Mar 23, 2014