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New Earthquake.

Dec 18, 2008
i had recently read the update notes for the spells and one caught my attention on how earthquake will now take away prisms and rebirth absorbs.
I had no problem with it taking away the absorbs but the prism thing got me,
so i looked at a prism card one time and it showed a little hand to represent a manipulation spell not that of a ward that earthquake should take away so why kingsisle make earthquake take away a spell it wasn't designed for?

if anyone else has objections, comments, or just want to hate on this post feel free.

Dec 12, 2009
I am starting to hate that too, this is my reason:

I was in pvp arena and a death person put a prism on me since i was death also and had high resistance to it and this level 45 myth person used earthquake and broke the prisms he had on me and on the other players and the guy wouldn't stop yelling at the myth dude and they would not stop arguing and it made me so mad i fled and the other people were saying "Get back in here chicken." and "Noob, you would leave from earthquake." And I tried to say. "It was the arguing which made me leave." But they wouldn't listen.