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New Crowns Reward / Gingerbread Pack

A+ Student
Aug 03, 2014

This crown reward event is EXCELLENT! It's spot on as an incentive to make purchases while also feeling appreciated and rewarded

10/10 for the new pack and the crown reward event!

For anyone wondering what I'm talking about, for the next 2 days KI is giving a bonus Gingerbread Pack for every 2990 crowns spent. Happy spending and good luck everyone!

Mar 09, 2011
Victoria did not realize that it was A giveaway for crowns spent I thought it was A in game purchase is this A chance item like other packs or do you get particular items or is it all random also as mentioned in my question I can't seem to find any info on any of the items in this pack I have not re-checked though so it may be updated with info from when I last checked.

Mar 09, 2011
Victoria mis-understood your original post

could not edit my original response as it was already submitted

now that I am reading it again if I understand it right if you spend 2290 crowns you will get A gingerbread pack free you still need to purchase individual packs and roll the dice with what you get.

Feb 12, 2015
Yes, I just noticed that, too! Congrats to Kingsisle for NOT doing a repeat of last time!

Mar 09, 2011
so I already have 2 replies being monitored before they show but in the meantime I discovered that the ultra rare pet spicy gingerbread man gives A lesser version of rain of fire 7 pips 100 + 550 at baby socket at ancient

5:51 in on this video


A+ Student
Aug 03, 2014
It definitely applies to anything in the crown shop...packs, mounts (note 2 of the charity mounts are back for a limited time!), elixirs, seeds, henchmen and I believe it's also for ingame purchases like stitching and areas etc...for every 2990 spent the account is given a free gingerbread pack. It's in a gift box with a crown icon on it so you can identify it easily and can be redeemed on any of your wizards.

The packs have a funny gingerbread mount. He's like a decorated gingerbread biscuit mount, decorated on one side and when you run on him he kind of bounces...he's really funny!

There also some very cute gingerbread pets (I think 2 different ones but don't hold me to that, there may be more).

This pack includes the awesome Snowdrifter's energy gear! Woohoo!

There's other gear including some duel sets for those of you who enjoy using a second school and want some stats for both...some fun santa gear without stats and some all new gear sets for universal or individual schools

There are also some yummy pet snacks and cool festive housing decorations and furniture etc

GOOD LUCK EVERYONE...and again, a BIG THANKS to Sparck and KI for making this event accessible and inclusive for all

*Please note there is a minor glitch with some gear for level 120-129 which is being patched asap, once the patch is done contact KI if your 120+ wizzy got low level gear by mistake and they'll add the correct stats*

Mar 18, 2009
The people of Urz approve and support this new direction that the Crowns rewards events are going. Please, no more rewards for 700 USD in a single weekend. This new event actually feels like a reward and not a money sink.