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NEW CHAT I am NOW, and finally, a very happy wizar

Jan 23, 2009
If you have read my post you know that i am often hard on KI Wizard 101 for what seems to be a none acknowledgement of adults who love and play this game.

But today I am happy to say I was wrong, They HAVE been listening! I have now added a new chat with a larger dictionary for adults.

Not one that allows anything goes, so if that was you path i'd still goe elsewhere but one HOPEFULLY, that will allow me to have a normal conversation with my friends that can only be read by adults. This is FANTASTIC. I can finally say things like say "I am cooking beans and rice"
OR "I was watching a movie the other day."

Okay this might not be a big deal to some but when you are talking to adult and you can say simply phrases it make this really complicated to communicate.

So aside from my annoucement that I now have four grandmasters (yep one in life, storm, fire and balance) and one on the way. I am happy that in a new warld to explore i can have a decent conversation.

Now if they add a way to force people to ask before porting they have a my loyalty.

Good job guys! I am glad to have been wrong on that behalf.

I look forward to testing the new chat as all my friends (or most) are adults.

Thanks for listening or reading and acting on it, you have earned my respect.


Apr 25, 2009
I'm glad you're happy. I'm sure it's nice for the adults who have wanted to be able to use numbers. It's annoying that I'm going to have to wait two years to "learn how to count in the wizarding world".

Anyway, at least this means they're listening. A good sign.

Mar 12, 2009
I have that "open chat" but still can't type simple words "non cuss words"and it still shows up red I don't see how this is NEW,I thought we could type in words,ex misspelled and anything thats not a cuss word and it would show up yellow red for bad.oh well :( so much for that open chat idea

This feature has not been implemented into the game yet. Please be patient, we are still testing the functionality. It will be previewed on the Test Realm when that opens, and available in the Full Game very soon. Watch our Ravenwood News closely for update information.