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new card announced but not available any where

Feb 08, 2012
Wishing to voice my frustration of the new gauntlet card being announced and not available any where.
My area Walmarts do not even know what I am talking about when I call to see if they have. No where to be found on line either.

Thanks for listening

Feb 19, 2010
Same here, I looked at the list of Walmart that carry it, and they are in major cities. I am not going to drive 2 hrs there and 2 hours back to get one.
would be nice if sold online. I understand they are sold in stores to make others aware of the game, but the general cards that give crowns and pets would probably sell better.
If a survey was made to what level wizards bought these card, I am sure the higher levels would win.

Apr 18, 2014
On their Twitter they posted a link to all of the locations that have the card. They only supplied select locations in the United States, so it is not guaranteed that you will have access to it. If it isn't supplied at your local Walmart and you think it should be, it may be launched to the online store in the future.

Apr 24, 2010
I would like to also jump in on this one. I just spent 45 minutes driving between Walmarts to find the gauntlet. I have two major issues with this so far:

1.) The distribution. I have no idea why the only two stores near to me are at least 30 minutes away, and they are about 45 minutes away from each other. There are no stores anywhere south and less than 1 hour away carrying the card. So, I drove 30 minutes north to the Walmart to find the card. And then I drove another 45 minutes south and east to find the card. This is despite the fact that I live 5 minutes away from a Walmart SUPERSTORE on the intersection of two major state roads, and for some reason this store was not selected for inclusion in the first (?) wave of distributions. Instead, the two closest were in an industrial area and a retirement community. The next closest ones were an hour and a half north of me or an hour inland. There is one store in the next county south that carries it. I cannot fathom why this spread of locations was selected.

2.) Nobody at either store I went to knew what was going on. The first store I tried, I saw that there were no KI cards of any type out, and I thought maybe they had them behind the counter, so I would ask. GameStop had done this with the Battlemage Bundle and some cards before, so maybe it was the same here. Despite the store having the "$39 Wizard101 Accursed Play Gauntlet" yellow tag on the peg, the card was not there, but what WAS there in its' place was a stack of LOTR Online game cards. After hearing "whatever we have is on the floor", I moved on. At the next store, they didn't even have a tag for the game card, and had no idea where in the store it would be located. I believe this store may have been using the same item identifier for the Fantastic Voyage bundles as they would have for this new one, and so they restocked the shelf with the older bundle first.

I sincerely hope you resolve the online distribution of the gauntlet soon.

Mar 18, 2009
Catherine Wilddrea... on Jun 30, 2018 wrote:
Same here, I looked at the list of Walmart that carry it, and they are in major cities. I am not going to drive 2 hrs there and 2 hours back to get one.
would be nice if sold online. I understand they are sold in stores to make others aware of the game, but the general cards that give crowns and pets would probably sell better.
If a survey was made to what level wizards bought these card, I am sure the higher levels would win.
The Accursed Gauntlet Play bundle will eventually be available for purchase online like all the other bundles have. Yes, some wizards will have potentially an unfair advantage for 6 months.

However, the more disturbing trend is the new Kroger's card with the special jewels. Those types of cards are never available online, unless the store selling them offers them. Those give certain players (by location) an unfair advantage in the game and there is no "leveling the advantage" in 6 months...… unless you spend whatever the mark up might be on the black market (aka Ebay).

A player should never be forced to pay real money to a non-KI approved vendor to obtain in-game items.

I have also failed to understand the logic of conducting trials of jewels in the Austin, TX area to see if they should be made available to the rest of community. Are there just more Wizard101 players in this area???? Again, unfair advantage by location.

Recommend that KI offers these cards in both formats at the same time. The online version of the cards can be marked up in price while the physical versions are being promoted at a retail store for cheaper, then the online versions marked down in price after running its time in retail.

Jun 18, 2013
I had that problem when the spiral cup gauntlet was first released. It takes some time for the stores to get a decent stock in, so just wait for a while and they should eventually get them in.

Aug 03, 2014
The problem/s we're trying to solve here are full of confidential agreements with terms we are not privy to. The agreements are all between KI and various stores/international service providers etc and they are unlikely to even know what the deals are except for their own eg unless details were discussed in negotiation, Walmart probably don't know what the deal KI has with Target or Game Stop.

It makes most sense for all bundles to be released online as everyone playing has full access to those. The fact this isn't being done suggests there are reasons why it can't be done. Exclusivity deals with stores, deals with international providers etc. We will not be given the details of these agreements, nor will we be told how long those agreements will be in place. We also won't be told how lucrative they are to KI and Wiz or how they have influenced the ability for KI to make W101 possible in the first place.

KI are not daft. International players (like me) should probably accept we can't get bundles immediately on release but be glad KI were savvy enough to make sure we would be able to get them eventually.

The issue with the stores themselves seems ridiculous to me. Perhaps there are some reasons behind some of it (eg if an agreement only allows them to stock in certain stores or a certain number of stores etc)...more things we won't be told. However there is no logical reason why people should be having to spend hours driving around from store to store to get information instead of them getting correct info over the phone.

I've heard people saying they were told it was in stock when it wasn't, or told it wasn't but when they went in staff found it! That's just shoddy customer service. Has anyone made a written complaint to the stores this is happening at? It's not unreasonable to expect the correct information over the phone. Perhaps the stores will improve or deal with this customer service problem if people make written complaints bringing it to their attention?

Feb 08, 2012
Well since my first post have called Walmarts around my area. Six hour round trip to get a card. I am old so cant do. The stores listed to sell it, in my area, only one out of six had the card. Walmart will do nothing for you till it goes on line. Noticed that there is hardly any evidence that the card is selling. Have only seen one Drama Llama pet and three boat mounts. So sad that they make it so difficult for you to spend your money
Thanks for listening

Sep 07, 2010
I also checked out that list of "select" stores that are distributing the Accursed Gauntlet Bundle. It even had 1 store just a few blocks from me on that list. However, this store did not have the card and the manager said they had no info about this item. I also called several friends around the country that lived in areas around other stores listed. All of them say that those stores do not have this item and their stores had no info on this card ever being in their stores or info on this card scheduled as a future item. I went online looking at Walmart website as well as searching for this item in individual store listings using specific zip codes and store numbers. None had this card available..As far as I can tell there are no stores anywhere that are currently carrying this card. I have spent hours in the housing office in Wizard City commons visiting dozens and dozens of houses trying to find one that has the Accursed Gauntlet... no luck so far. I am beginning to wonder if this item actually exists in the game yet. If anyone knows of any house listed in housing office that a wizard can visit please post it here. It would be greatly appreciated. If a ki person would like to reply to this post with info on where exactly to get this card that would also be greatly appreciated. Thank You