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New Bundles

Jun 23, 2010
Not sure where to post this but here goes. I recently, tried to purchase the new olmpus bundle from my local Game stop and Walmart but they do not carry them. I would like to know why the bundles are not available online as well as in the stores. It gets quite time consuming as well as frustrating trying to look from store to store in search of these bundles. Please KI, is there anyway you all can fix this or look into a better way to resolve this issue? I am sure I am not the only person who feels this way.

Thanks .
Jasmine Rainheart

Jan 06, 2014
They probably ran out cause allot of people love Wizard101 in your County! That may be a sign some of your friends play the game to so maybe see if they do. You could make them your True Friends but you could ask your local Gamestop when they are coming next.

Mar 18, 2009
Kingsisle does not control how many bundles or where they bundle cards are shipped. That is controlled by the company InComm. You may want to contact them. See KI's official response.

"Please contact the company that is responsible for distributing the Wizard101 cards to stores. They are called InComm and they can be contacted at http://www.incomm.com/contact-us/"


Below is KI's response as to when bundles will be available online. Bundles have to run their course in retail first.

"Our bundles have a life cycle:

  • First they are available in retail stores in the USA
  • When a new card comes out, then the old card is usually placed for sale on our website at https://www.wizard101.com/game/prepaid-card
  • After a period of time for sale to all our players, the bundle is retired from the website and can no longer be purchased as a bundle.
  • Individual items from the bundle may become available in the Crown Shop for special promotions and events. "


Jun 23, 2010
I wish that was the case but the stores don't carry those cards in their inventory. But, if I have to go through so much to purchase them I won't bother getting them.
Thanks for the help.