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New Athames/Rings

Jun 18, 2009
I was just looking over Athames and Rings for Resist. I'm really dissapointed in them. The best Athame for resist is the Heartsteel with 5% Resist and not much else. For a Level 100 Wizard the lack of other stats really hurt you.

The best rings for Resist are 3% for ice school only, and all other schools only 1%.

I know making more resist on items such as Athames and Rings would be a bit overpowered but could it be too much to ask for a little more, Using a level 5 Athame at Level 100 isnt very beneficial. It takes away too much stats to even be effective. The main reason for not making better resist Athames and Rings would probably be because of the jade gear and that would give everyone the tanking abilities of an ice. But unless you have Jade gear when your fighting storm it's such a pain because of the massive damage they can put out especially some of the storms i've seen with 100+ Damage, Close to 500 Critical, 50 Resistances to some schools and 30 to others and critical block in the 200's seems a bit Overpowered to me and hard to defend against without better resistances. Especially when they have their accuracy boosted to be as accurate as a life wizard.

Unless i'm overlooking some Rings/Athames i think they really need a resistance buff to deal with the Damage being done by storms. Some better Resistance Athames/Rings could be part of the next world maybe?

Just my thoughts on some of the current gear and stats.