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need the gold

Dec 15, 2013
Can anyone please tell me some good places to farm for gold. My supply of gold is low and i need some. thnx in advance

Sep 05, 2009
Depending on your progress in Wintertusk, Halfang is the best boss to farm for gold as his amulet drop is 8k gold alone. Not sure who else besides him tho
-Blake SoulBlood 100

Jan 10, 2014
There are a coupe ways I acquire gold.

1. Watch videos to earn Crowns. Then convert the Crowns into Gold.

2. Fish, then sell the Fish.

That should get you started

I wish you well.

Sep 07, 2011
The most popular spots are bosses in Wintertusk - Asrik, Erling, or Halfang are most used, but go with whatever you can beat fastest. If you don't have WT access, DS and CL have some ok boss drops. High level wizards may get gold as fast or faster by farming KR mobs, and that way you have a chance at jewel drops too.

Gardening is another good way to earn gold. Even stinkweed pays pretty well.

Apr 08, 2015
The boar named Halfang in Wintertusk (I think is where he lives), is the one I've heard most people farm for gold.

May 15, 2009
kane fireblood on May 23, 2015 wrote:
Can anyone please tell me some good places to farm for gold. My supply of gold is low and i need some. thnx in advance
halfang bristlecrown in Vestrilund (the expansion of grizzleheim). he is easy to defeat and his drops fetch anywhere from 2k to 8k per item at the bazaar

Aug 26, 2012
So, I never really had any problem with my gold, maybe because I don't use it that much but my gold does overflow a couple of times and I had to buy houses to use up my gold. I think you should just try to manage your gold better, try to prevent your gold from going lower than 100 000. Do more dungeons and sell all your useless gear cause it does give you a lot of gold. I normally go to the robe shop in shopping district to sell no auction gears. I usually farm a lot of places looking for jewels or better gear, but along that i find many useless gear i don't need. I used to always keep them, but then I realized how much gold I can get from selling them. So try farming mirror lake or malistaire or morganthe, you'll get a bunch of things to sell and you'll make a lot of gold in no time. Hope this helped!

-Sydney Lifeshield

Oct 07, 2012
it depends on which level you are on.

level 1-5
  • i really don't think there are any good ones here.
  • try the kraken in triton avenue
level 5-20
  • defeat the boss at the end of the haunted cave and sell his stuff.
  • if you can, go pigswick academy and defeat all the guys you can. sell their stuff.
i would type more, but my memory is not very good. sorry

Katie Frostflower lvl56 in celestia

Sep 09, 2012
You need gold? first tell me what level you are that way I can find a boss/dungeon to help you acquire the gold you need- KyleBattlehammer 74