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Need new servers?

Dec 02, 2008
The servers aren't all full yet, but they're getting there. At one point yesterday, 8 servers were listed as completely full. Just now, only 4 of the 20 servers were listed as "perfect".

That's not just KingsIsle lowering the threshold on what counts as "perfect" or "full" or whatever, either, as some companies have done to try to create the appearance of gaining population. I had long played on Falmea, and now moved off because it was getting too crowded.

Dec 13, 2008
I actually do agree with this. We do need a couple realms added, maybe around up to 10. Wizard 101 is growing so fastly. It seems like just yesterday we hit 1,000,000 students, now we are well over that.

Dec 02, 2008
Number of accounts created doesn't tell you whether a game is growing or not. An old game with only 10% of the playerbase it once had will still have the number of accounts created continue to grow, but hardly needs to open new servers.

That's why I cited the population numbers on servers, rather than merely accounts created.

May 21, 2008
We seem to have both: more students enrolling every day, and more students online every evening.

Mar 11, 2009
Aug 07, 2008
this show that a low budget mmo or average one can be successful if done right , though most don't . But i have a question for the dev team.

Where you expecting this amout of people playing the game?
What happen in your office?

Jan 31, 2009
MessyJessy02 wrote:
it just shows how fun and enjoyable this game is

WORD! As you say in the english spoken part of the world.
But i must admit that i am impressed about how good it works even for us in the very north of the old world.
Never a crash and normaly no speed problems (avoiding the full realms).

//Richard Darkstone - Grandmaster Necromancer

Feb 17, 2009
This is the thing, the reason some servers are so crowded is because some people want to be social and they think the crowded and full servers are a better place to meet players than the servers that say perfect. I just quest alone most of the time but some players want to use the chat system to meet other players that can help with quests. That is fine.