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Need help with the houses on display

Dec 07, 2012
I put my houses on display back when that idea was first introduced to this game. However, after a few weeks it honestly slipped my mind! Now that i was talking about it with a fellow wizard I became curious about how to go about finding out whether there were any comments made or if anyone even visited! I went back to where you put your house on display and went to see how mine was doing and it wasn't there. If there was an original timeline of how long they were to be on display i didn't realize it. Now i see it is 60 days. Well since I definitely missed the cut-off for the houses to be removed off the market, is there a way to find out if there were any comments? If anyone visited? Anything at all or does it just get deleted once the house is removed. I just would love to get some input from other wizards about decorating! Please let me know if there is a place i can find any of the information out! Thanks to all