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Need help with picking a class

Mar 08, 2014
I did the class quiz and it said Storm, but after trying it I was rather unhappy with the low health and high fizzle rate. I'm fairly certain I have narrowed it down to Ice/Life, Life, Balance, and Death. I am a little wary of Death however after seeing all the "double edged swords" on the wiki (Feint traps both you and them, Sacrifice hurts before it heals, etc)
I tend to solo for most part, only grouping for Bosses or Dungeons that aren't possible to solo. As such I am leaning towards a tank/healing hybrid for durability. However I am not the most patient of people so I would like fairly decent damage. Simplicity is a must since I tend to take the "Hulk Smash" approach to fights, having to think or strategize too much kind of ruins the fun for me.
I would like my first full play through to be as memorable and enjoyable as possible, so insight into which school/setup would best serve my preferences would be helpful. (On a side note, I did pick up the Life Mastery amulet during the St Patty's day sale if that makes any difference) Thank you.

Jan 11, 2012
there are ways to counter those "damage you" spells. you dont NEED to use Feint, or Dark Pact, etc. Sure they help, but they're not needed. Death is a great school because you never have to worry about healing. Just use spells that life sap and you're all set. As for boosting damage, you have Deathblade, Death Trap, and Curse as non "damage you" spells that buff. if you get the right gear, you can have a VERY strong death wizard who can solo 99% of the game (and some have been known to solo the whole game)

Feb 18, 2010
Hmm... this is going to be hard. I'll go on from the 4 schools you picked: Ice, Life, Balance and Death.

Ice: The tank. So much health, in later levels you have the ability to be immune to 2 of the strongest schools: fire and storm. Ice however is the weakest school, but easily can become a lot stronger with the correct gear and boosting yourself. This means that battles will be quite dragged out though.

Life: (I personally love this school so this may be a LITTLE biased) The healer. With life's health pool however and with the right gear it can also be a tank but not as good as ice. In the first 58 levels you wont have an AoE spell. (This can be fixed by buying Forest Lord treasure cards in the bazaar) Life's damage isn't that great either, I'd say around average or just slightly below. With boosting yourself though you can hit a ton. Onto the healing: You get a fairy spell (Like every class does) but you get a special version, which can heal a bit more and can heal anyone instead of only healing yourself, which is special to only life. Healing now a days though can be done by anyone; and can heal more health than what a life wizard can, sadly. For life, battles will be slow until you get forest lord.

Balance: The supporter. Balance has high health (around the same health as life) and can also be a tank. Balance ALSO can be the healer too since they do get some heal spells as well. Balance is quite a strong school and is very original. It's like a mixture of every school you could say since Balance can hit with any school (e.g. Hydra hits 3 times with fire, ice and storm and Chimera does the same except with Life, Death and Myth) There is no shield against balance except from tower shield. Balance does however have the weakest blades and also no converts, meaning you can only hit balance bosses/ enemies with spells that hit with other school damage. Balance can kill enemies quickly.

Death will be in the next comment, ran out of space lol.

Feb 18, 2010
Death: The health-stealer. Now if you solo a lot of the time, this is the class for you. Attacking then receiving half the health back makes you quite OP. Death ALSO has quite a high health pool and with the attacking and healing feature, they can be a great healing tank. Death is also a strong school ( Strongest out of the 4 you mentioned ) but you will have to wait 48 levels your first and only AoE spell. You mentioned you was put off about the spells which kind of backfire on you. DON'T let this put you off, this will hardly be the cause of your death. Plus on sacrifice the hitting yourself thing can be REALLY helpful. Say if you had a weakness on you. You hit yourself, get right of the weakness and in return get more health than what you had before. Win win right?

In conclusion, since you do have the life amulet and prefer more damage but tanking, I'd say pick between ice and death. You wanted it to be the most enjoyable experience which is why I excluded balance, since it's quite frustrating at times until level 68, which is a long time to wait.

In the end however, it's up to you and your personal preference. You may actually find balance the most fun or not even pick any of those 4 schools. You have 6 slots for wizards so why not experiment? :P Good luck. (BTW if you want a challenge if you're soloing I'd say go storm, I solo'd with that and boy, that was tough)

Angus Ghostriver 95
Blaze Lifebreeze 72

Jan 03, 2014
Hello there.

I am the same as you, When i use to play WoW i was a Dwarf Paladin. Tank/heals class. For years and years i would tank my guild, and i never got tired of it ^_^

This is why i picked Death class and Life class.

Life offers a lot of healing spells and healing boosts. As for damage its of course not as good as lightning or Myth classes, however life spells are the most accurate in the game with a 90% base chance.

Death For me is the tank class, It does decent amount of damage and also a lot of spells give half damage back as health. But here is the kicker, Death class offers a lot of buffs for you to do extra damage: I.E death blade, death trap, curse.
One noticeable spell is Feint. I am currently a level 45 wizard, I have not yet experienced the full game, however so far feint is the best and highest damage buff I have found so far, Costing you only 1 pip to deal extra 70% damage.

I have been able to solo a lot of difficult dungeons with this build with very little difficulty. Course I add an even more impenetrable defence with my list of usable treasure cards.

I stack my sideboard full of tower shield, elemental shield and spirit armour treasure cards. the shields are a quick emergency defence that cost no pips If i ever get into any real trouble. and the spirit armour gives 500 absorb for 3 pips.

If your looking for a tank build, I would highly recommend this one. I love it!

P.S I went DEATH then life. Not life then death. I don't know if their would be any major differences.

Jun 17, 2011
Ok, since you have the life mastery amulet, that can be your secondary. I think that the best class for you would be balance. They have average accuracy, good damage, a few heals, and with life as your secondary you would have high heals in addition to that such as satyr, sprite, pixie, etc. I have both these wizards so you can ask for anymore info if you need it.
Hope this helped!
Grace DreamRider 79
Rebecca GoldGarden 52

Sep 05, 2009
Well, in my opinion if you are going to go solo most of the time, either have life or death as your primary or secondary training school. I chose fire like all my other characters but trained in Life as my secondary.

The list below gives you a hint of what happens:

Found at: www.wizard101central.com/forums/showthread.php?167770-The-Pros-and-Cons-of-Each-Class
Things to keep in mind:

Storm fizzles the most

Ice has a ton of defenses

Life can heal but you don't get any multi-hit attacks until Level 58 ( Not sure if that is the exact level )

Balance: Blades that can be used for any spell ( Gets in the way of removing the -damage blades though because they use the blade with whatever spell that you chose if it does damage )

Fire: You start out kind of weak, even with the new update on the health. Accuracy varies greatly in some cases.

Myth: Good attacks but minions are just a pain. ( Sorry Myth Wizards )

Death: High damage attacks, attacks can heal you, high traps. No multi-hitting attacks except scarecrow


I currently actually train in both Death and Life as a secondary school. Keep in mind

Also, to help: If you do choose fire, while in Krokotopia during the Tomb of Storms quest area, you get immolate which does pretty much the same thing as sacrifice but it attacks 600 damage and takes away 200-250 health from you.

With the life master amulet, it would be a huge help to train in life so that way you can use power pips for heals.

Sorry if I left anything out.

- Madeline Sky

Sep 19, 2013
Death. Death is the master school. Those double edged swords aren't actually that bad (I don't really use them though). Feint puts a 70% trap on the target and a 30% trap on you, which is not bad when you consider that the AI is virtually incapable of blade/trap stacking. Feint is well used across all schools. I personally love death for the drains and the damage buffs. Nothing like firing off a 12k damage Dr. Von's Monster and healing for 6k. I almost never worry about potions because I leave battles fully healed.

Aug 06, 2013
You might like balance, we have a little of everything. Balance has 85% cast chance, good health, buffs, wards, healing, and decent damage. We have cool school only pets.
But it does sound like Ice is one of the best schools for you.
Life is also a good school because you can heal significantly yet do some decent damage.

Going back to balance, it is a tougher school to master. The damage rate isn't the strongest. But, the buffs included in balance make up for it.

A few words to describe each school:

Fire: Damage over time
Ice: Tank and Absorb
Storm: Go big or Go home
Balance: Bits and pieces of other schools
Life: Healing
Death: Damage and Healing
Myth: KO!

Jun 05, 2011
I think fire, death and life are the best schools and maybe in some other peoples opinions, storm since storm is focused on attack. Ice is focused on defense and life is focused on healing. Death is cool because of attacks like Dr Von and also Avenging fossil which is awesome. Fire is cool because it has allot of all enemy attacks and also spells like efreet and sun serpent. Life is cool and useful because of heals and it also has some good attacks like forest lord. Storm i would say is good but having low health isn't something i want. Also something i don't want from storm is fizzling which is getting be annoyed but thankfully i didn't choose storm, i chose death.

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level 33 Adam Shadow Caller

Mar 13, 2014
Grace Dreamrider on Apr 13, 2014 wrote:
Ok, since you have the life mastery amulet, that can be your secondary. I think that the best class for you would be balance. They have average accuracy, good damage, a few heals, and with life as your secondary you would have high heals in addition to that such as satyr, sprite, pixie, etc. I have both these wizards so you can ask for anymore info if you need it.
Hope this helped!
Grace DreamRider 79
Rebecca GoldGarden 52
Balance is fun, I highly recommend it. But training life as a secondary for balance is absurd. Availing hands is a much better healing spell than satyr, and you don't need to spend training points or wear a mastery amulet to use it. My balance wizard usually wears a troll ear amulet, the 40% heal boosts for 0 pips make availing hands even stronger.

Mar 08, 2014
Thanks everyone for input. I am trying my hand at Ice and it certainly seems nice so far. The high health is great and while the damage isn't particularly high, Tough treasures and Ice Trap make up for it. I can't wait until I start getting all the full resist gear that seems standard among Ice gear. I appreciate all the help and look forward to spending a long time with the Wizard101 community. See everyone in game